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Hair removal is undeniably time consuming and painful. Removing unwanted hair can also be done in various ways, such as shaving, hair removal, waxing, creams, electrolysis, suture and on. There are also different parts to apply the treatments such as the body and face. Facial hair removal seems to be one of the most tedious and painful things to do. Nevertheless, is laser hair removal the perfect solution to smooth and hairless skin?

Read on to learn about the pros and cons of laser hair removal.

How does laser hair removal work?

Jacksonville laser hair removal is carried out by using a laser that emits heat energy that penetrates deep into the root of each hairline and damages the hair follicle. The injured follicle is, therefore, unable to produce more hair for an extended period.

Laser Hair Removal Pros

? If a certified or qualified laser technician carried out the whole procedure, it is a safe treatment.

? It decreases hair growth for an extended period of months or years. You don"t need to worry about embarrassing hair stubs for a while!

? Ingrown hairs are not a problem.

? Hair of large areas such as the back or legs is removed more efficiently.

? Less painful than other methods of hair removal (especially soccer sites listelectrolysis process). Some report to feel just a light, prickling sensation.

? Even if the hair grows out after an extended period, it is brighter in color and less dense in nature.

? Compared to other hair removal methods, practical (like electrolysis); Laser hair removal is much faster.

Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

? Certain hair growth is always available as it is not a permanent depilation procedure.

?People with darker hair (due to more melanin) have greater success in this process as people with light hair.

?Expect to spend more money.

? 6 to 8 sessions are required to get the optimal results.

? The feeling of a rubber band that affects the skin, that is, a little discomfort can be experienced.

? No serious side effects such as swelling, itching (after a few days) to severe side effects such as burning, infection, blisters may occur. The case may vary differ from person to person.


If you want a permanent hair removal electrolysis, then choose so this is not a permanent hair removal. But it is very effective because hair growth is very slow.

Always consult your doctor before you opt to try this procedure. It"s also advisable to make sure that a licensed technician will carry out the whole process.

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